Thomas L. Young - Managing Member

First, is God; second, family; third, country. I am an United States Army Veteran, former (but always current!) Cavalry Scout Team Leader. In the Army I was in charge of several Soldiers and a lot of equipment. I was the Small Kill Team Leader (we set up to pick fights with the enemy in areas they didn't want us), Commander of the Dismounts on engagements, and a Vehicle Commander--which is just another way to say I was in charge of yelling at people and joking around too much in a vehicle. Before the military I worked construction from the age of 10 until 16, I came from humble beginnings, but a lot of love from my parents. After the military I was a police officer and then I lost my mind and went to law school.

I am a Member of the Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association, CVMA (Vets Helping Vets!); and United States Cavalry Riders Association, USCRA. I love to ride my bike whenever possible but with so many children it seems impossible! I am happily married (except when she yells at me!) and love God with all my heart, even when I do terrible at life. I firmly believe you can be a real person and professional in your occupation at the same time.

So now that I've told you too much about me, here are the other things that are less important:


Liberty University School of Law
Kaplan University Online
Central Texas College
Pikes Peak Community College


Law Offices of Thomas L. Young, pllc
Baker & Tisdale, pllc
Cutler, Butler & Livengood, pllc (currently Butler & Livengood, pllc)
Liberty University School of Law
Police Officer, Texas
U.S. Army
Bill Hughes Construction
Redemption Construction
Don's Construction
(and a factory I can't remember the name of, I made gas pump handles)