Businesses need legal representation just like individuals do--but the needs are different.

Whether you are a business that wants legal representation on hand or a business that just wants an attorney when they need them, we are the counselors and attorneys you seek. Our services are offered in two different formats, either tiered retainer or by basis need. Pick which is right for you at this time in your business.


Start-up Package: $50.00 per month, includes: 5 pages of document review; 15 minutes of phone consultation (limit of 3 months) ($280.00 value)

Tier 1: $125.00 per month, includes: 10 pages of document review; 25 minutes of phone consultation ($560 value)

Tier 2: $175.00 per month, includes: 15 pages of document review; 40 minutes of phone consultation ($850 value)

Tier 3: $ 250.00 per month, includes: 25 pages of document review; 1 hour of phone consultation ($1,500.00 value)

Tier 4: $400.00 per month, includes: 35 pages of document review; 1.5 hours of phone consultation ($2,400.00 value)

Tier 5: $500.00 per month, includes: 50 pages of document review, 1.5 hours of phone consultation, and expedited legal services ($4,300.00 value)

Tier 6: $650.00 per month, includes: Tier 5 and priority support, first in line resolution of issues, 65 pages of document review; and 2.5 hours of phone consultation.  ($6,500.00 value)

*Only a limited number of businesses can receive tiered retainers. 

**Phone consultation includes email.

***When you have used your Tier resources you will be notified via the email you provided. After use of the resource a discounted %3 fee will apply on time for Tiers 2-4;  5% discount on time for Tier 5; and 10% discount on time for Tier 6.

By Basis

By basis will apply at the regular cost of the attorney assigned to your business.

**Small businesses are those with 1-13 employees. Not all business will qualify as a small business as some are, by their nature, complex entities with many regulations. If your business does not qualify as a small business (banking institutions, law firms, compliance agencies, etc.) but you are still looking for a tiered system of legal assistance, give us a call so we can see how we can help.

Litigation Retainers

Do you need legal counsel on hand and not have to pay the price of having in house legal counsel? We can provide what you need to keep your business in the clear legally and provide ethical and frank discussion of your issues. Please give us a call to discuss what type of legal representation you may need and in what areas. We would be more than happy to assist you and make your issues our priority.