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Here, we are dedicated to providing legal assistance, advice, and counseling to you--whatever your legal needs. We do so from a Christian perspective and strongly believe that everyone should have legal representation, from the business owner to the individual. That doesn't mean we can help everyone, like any business we are judicial about our clients, just like the client should be about who they choose to represent them.

You have questions and we have answers. We work diligently and attempt to be the best stewards of your money as we can be. Our communication is constant and as informative as possible. You are not just our client but our partner as we work for and with you. This is why we provide prices for our services up front when possible, on the site, so you don't have to worry about wasting your time just to find out how much you may be paying. We do not have to "sell you," our work sells itself.

You know what a consultation consists of: how much this is going to cost you for whatever legal issue you have. Here, we focus on people, not problems. Every single problem has a solution, you may not like the solution but there is one.  How are we different? We place you at the center, your legal issue is just that: an issue. Then, we focus on how to add value to you or your business; whether that be through building your dreams or taming your problems. Next, we create solutions and possibilities. Not everything is concrete in law, it changes all the time. We guide and counsel, you decide. Simply, you are buying into a team, not an attorney that will make all your decisions without communication and guidance.

Let us add value to you, protect your assets, or bring a tough time in life to the best possible conclusion that can be reached. Give us a call and set up an appointment.

What Do I Do Now?

Call or email us today, have a consultation with us where we do more than just quote you a retainer. We are able to do in person, audio-visual (FaceTime, Skype, Google), phone, and visitation consults.